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As a local bank, your interaction with tourists may vary depending on local regulations. Some banks open offshore accounts for tourists, so they may keep their funds somewhere safe during their travels, while others may issue an account/card on a case-by-case basis. 

With a partner like TouristPay, banks will get access to a wide network of potential partners, possible lucrative investment opportunities with big brands (co-branded projects), and much more. The experience of TouristPay and our panel of experts can advise local banks on the multitude of opportunities that lie ahead with local digital currency accounts and the benefits of it for their institution.

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Tourists often spend more money in certain countries due to a combination of factors that make these destinations appealing for shopping, experiences, and leisure activities. One key factor is the attractiveness and effectiveness of a country’s tourism offerings, such as iconic landmarks, cultural heritage, natural beauty, and vibrant entertainment scenes. These factors create a desire among tourists to fully immerse themselves in the local experiences, leading to increased spending. Additionally, favorable exchange rates can make a destination more affordable, encouraging tourists to spend more. The availability and variety of unique products and souvenirs also play a role, as tourists are often inclined to purchase items that are exclusive to the destination. Moreover, convenient and secure payment options contribute significantly to tourists’ spending decisions. Countries that have widespread acceptance of international credit and debit cards, mobile payment solutions, and accessible foreign currency exchange services provide a seamless and hassle-free payment experience for tourists, encouraging them to spend more confidently.

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