Money Transfer

Money transfer companies are the cross-border part of the tourist experience puzzle. Tourists may run out of cash or run into an emergency during their stay, and money transfer companies can be a lifesaver in these situations. However, for most tourists, it is hard to trust any local companies besides the name brands they already know.

Another shortfall, is the need for physical locations and the potential of missing out on tourist hotspots. This can incur more costs for local money transfer companies. However, TouristPay can offer you a solution to not only enter this lucrative market, but also do so at a fraction of the cost.

How TouristPay can be of help

Bank Note Supply

By partnering with TouristPay, money transfer companies can top up TouristPay local digital currency wallets in exchange for transfers from abroad in foreign currencies, therefore reducing the need for bank notes in the local currency to be handed out to tourists in cash

Wider Reach

TouristPay has deals in place with hotels, local kiosk companies, and tourist hotspots, allowing the money transfer company to have a meaningful presence in these areas and still receive and send money transfers from the tourists or their relatives abroad. You will increase your presence at a much lower cost and with lower overhead

More Foot Traffic

In addition to tourists availing themselves of your service elsewhere, your existing locations will be added to TouristPay's network of top-up points. Thus, increasing foot traffic to your location and instilling trust in your brand

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