Hotels & TouristPay

Every hotel would like to offer their guests the best possible experience. Now, you can do that while adding a new stream of revenue on top of your existing ones! All the while, improving the experience of your guests! They leave your ecosystem for many reasons, and one of the top ones is currency exchange.

What if they can receive a tourist package from you at the lobby? Or what if they were able to send money back home, or receive money in the lobby from home, in cases of emergency? All of these services keep their mind at ease and their trip spent in your ecosystem. And they are all possible with TouristPay!

TouristPay offers a plethora of services all surrounding the idea of digital local currency. By partnering with us, you would be able to exchange currency for your guests through our licensed currency exchange partners, offer them secure local payment options to make sure their trip goes without a hitch, and so much more!

For it is with a five-star experience that a five-star hotel remains so in the hearts of the guests that visited them. And it is by offering an experience that other hotels lack, that they may stand out. So, contact us today and let’s work together to present your hotel on the cutting edge of tourism technology, while adding a new revenue stream to your business!