Money exchange offices are vital to the tourist experience. They allow tourists to bring in their foreign currency and exchange them for local currency. While this experience has been consistent for a long time, TouristPay can help remedy some of the shortfalls. 

What are these shortfalls? For one, the supply of local cash. Due to the strength of some foreign currencies in the world economy, tourists would generally walk in with a certain number of bank notes and walk out with a larger number. This brings forth a strain on the local money exchange office’s supply of bank notes in the local currency. Another problem is the lack of presence in touristic hot spots. This goes in addition with cash being an easy to misplace/lose method of payment.

Bank Note Supply

By partnering with TouristPay, money exchange offices can top up TouristPay’s local digital currency wallets in exchange for physical bank notes in foreign currencies, therefore reducing the need for bank notes in the local currency.

Wider Reach

TouristPay has deals in place with hotels, local kiosk companies, and tourist hotspots, allowing the money exchange office to put their license to good use and have a meaningful presence in these areas and still receive and exchange foreign currency brought in by the tourists

More Foot Traffic

In addition to tourists availing themselves of your service elsewhere, your existing locations will be added to TouristPay’s network of top-up points. Thus, increasing foot traffic to your location and instilling trust in your brand

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