As a local brand in a touristic country, you have access to segments of the market that some brands do not. It is as if the global market comes to you without you needing to advertise outside. With TouristPay, this dream can be a reality, as we will include your brand in our products, and we could even develop co-branded local digital currency wallets with you, allowing you to capitalize on a different customer segment that was unfamiliar with you in the past.

By entering the TouristPay ecosystem, you will be able to act as a co-issuer, provide loyalty programs, deal to a new segment that was hard to capture before, and make cross-deals that other local brands do not have access to. Thus, you would avail yourself of the winning edge. 

Empower your brand today!

Join the TouristPay ecosystem and reap the benefits!

Trusted by many

Trusted by many